About Us

We have both been serious gamblers for over 10 years. We have seen the extreme highs of winning and the deepest of lows from losing. We have experienced a lifetime of lessons within those first 10 years, which is why we created this website.

To help you from hitting those same pitfalls. Essentially the biggest mistakes we made in betting was not from making a poor decision during the game, but it was choosing which casino to play at. That very first decision is what can make or break you. If you choose to play with an untrustworthy, shady or greedy casino, even when you win you might never get your money.

This is the biggest problem, many online casinos are more then happy to take your money when you are losing, but to give your money back after you win or to give you promotions or kickbacks for being such a loyal customer can be unheard of. They are in the business of making money and we the customers are just a small source of revenue, which they gobble up and spit out when they are finished.

Hence the reason for the online blackjack Canada website, so we could share our mistakes with you. Then you can focus on enjoying your betting without ever worrying about where you are playing.